Customized program to restore matter to weak and damaged hair.

SINGLE/95+   4 PACK/350+   6 PACK/525+*

Continual external, chemical and environmental aggressions can cause structural damage to hair fiber. Damaged hair has impoverished fiber, porous and rough structure and lacks bounce.
REBUILDING is the deep regenerative treatment, which gives substance and matter to damaged hair. A complete customized program, which supplies hair fiber its essential components: biomimetic vegetable proteins, which repair structural damage by reconstructing the molecular structure of keratin; lipids, which create a protective layer around the cuticle and trace elements and minerals that supply strength, softness and resistance.

* includes Rebuilding Hair Bath & Rebuilding Mask to take home

** may be added to any service

Hair Loss

Microstimulating and hair growth coadjuvant for thinning hair.

SINGLE 95+   4 PACK/350+   PACK/525+*

Hair loss is often the outcome of a great number of factors. To efficiently act against this delicate problem a thorough diagnosis is fundamental (with the help of the trichoanalyzer and application chart) which will focalize the unique hair-loss treatment or a methodical integrated synergy will be decided with specific anti-sebum, lipid restoration and anti-dandruff normalizing phases. The HAIR LOSS treatment acts on two fronts: increasing hair matter and reappraisal of hair, improving its anchor point between the hair and the follicle while prolonging the hair’s lifespan (Anagen Phase).

* includes full size Micro-stimulating Hair Bath & Frequent Conditioner
**may be added to any service

* Kindly give at least 48 hr notice for any changes to your appointment to avoid any charges.