Andriana is a rare and genuine San Franciscan native who hails from a French Argentine upbringing with deep roots in the Bay Area. In over three decades of making her clients look  and feel fabulous she has trained with a veritable who's who of luminaries in the hair industry such as Vidal Sassoon, Vivienne Mackinder, Tony&Guy, Trevor Sorbie and Sam Villa leading her to ultimately forge her own style as a natural, holistic hairstylist since 2006.


Clean, natural living is a passion that Andriana embodies every day. When she opened her salon  on Union Street in 2006, it was as green as possible, from the paint to the furnishings and of course the products. Then she read the book, "Its not just a pretty face" by Stacey Maulkin about the beauty industry and found out there are many hidden toxic chemicals, even in 'natural" products, and how the FDA really doesn't have our best interest at heart.  Reading the book prompted Andriana to do her research and she now only works with the cleanest hair products and color made today without compromising on quality and performance.


Andriana has a knack for knowing what her clients want even when they can't articulate it themselves. She loves it when a client comes in needing a color correction or saying that no one has ever been able to do their hair right. 

Bring it on! She loves it!


When not at the salon,  you will find her outdoors, either practicing yoga on a paddle board, running her dog through the woods, having friends over for good food and laughter or tinkering on her 1930's era home & garden in Marin.