​​​​Hcolor by Oway

the first nourishing ammonia-free coloring system with biodynamic and organic oils, activated with a fluid developer based on illipe' butter

Hcolor revolutionizes salon color treatments. The Illipè butter infusion protects and reintegrates the hair stem, leaving hair soft, shiny and hydrated. The organic Perilla and ethical Date oils protect even the most sensitive of scalps and give shine, the biodynamic Hibiscus unfolds an intense antioxidant action and the Cotton Proteins increase the resistance to stress and hair fiber traction. The color treatment becomes a moment for a perfumed and pleasant relaxing pause, which is good for hair fiber while transforming your look. A choice of over 94 different intense and brilliant nuances of color.


Infusion of Coloring Restructuring Nectar
A fluid sugar-based concentrate of biodynamic Elder- berry, organic Mallow and Papamiel nectars, which restructures the hair fibre from the inside, giving it tone and shine.  At the same time it acts on hair, colouring and lightening it to achieve extraordinary vibrant reflections and camouflage covers that look absolutely natural. 

* please note an additional  $20 will be added to the color service for Hnectar